Men's Fashion Week and Fashion Week in Hong Kong

Posted on January 21 2015

For those that didn't know, this week is men's fashion week around the world. This week reminds us of why we started doing what we do at Howard Matthews. It is more than looking good and dressing well, but about individuality and accessorising to showcase your personality without using words to express it. 
This week while attending the fashion shows in Hong Kong, we are able to be inspired by new designs, themes and trends. We are hoping that this week will be the catalyst of some new products and new designs of existing products that we are working on. We understand that our designs may not be suitable to everyone but we hope that for those that do enjoy our designs, that they understand it is a process. 
We really enjoyed meeting a lot of industry professionals this week in Hong Kong and we continue to look forward to more Fashion Weeks to come (especially for men's). We will continue to strive and work hard in bringing our customers great design and quality of our products. 
Howard Q. 
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