It's been a long time and we shouldn't have left you...

Posted on June 03 2015

We want to apologise to all our fans out there that we haven't been giving updates enough on what is happening to Howard Matthews Co. 

Our social media team has been updating on Instagram and Facebook often enough so our followers are in tuned with the progress of our story. So if you have yet to follow us on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest, we recommend that you get to that right now. 

We have added two more products to our portfolio to help men everywhere have the complete dapper look. We have added 11 pocket squares and 5 tie clips that is the quintessential for all young professionals to look their best. 

In the upcoming weeks, we will be adding these items to our website and available to be purchased. Stay tuned to for these exciting items and we are looking to better our shipping policies to bring these cost savings to you. We are very happy to bombard you with all these exciting news and we hope that you stay patient with us and continue the love and support that you have been giving us since our launch. 


Thank you, 

Howard Matthews Co. Team 

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