It's All In The Name

Posted on July 10 2015

After sending many of our products out to customers, stylist and media personnel, we get asked the question, "Why are your lapel pins or pocket squares named like that?" is the inside scoop and the answer to that question. 

Both founders of the company has gone through many entrepreneurial adventures in their lifetime and along the way, they have either met someone that played an important part of that adventure or someone that was a contributing factor to what made them who they are today. A lot of them happened to be female and that is why each lapel pin design is dedicated to that person that was important to them. They also felt that by having these names that it seemed more personal to be able to wear it proudly on their chest and say "Yes, this is the Alexandria lapel pin." Instead of just calling it a regular lapel pin. 

With the tie bars that were released recently, we decided to name them after every guys favourite sports car, the Lamborghini. Each name is dedicated to each legendary Lamborghini that was ever produced and graced the race tracks. Much like the Lamborghini, these tie bars are sleek in modern design and uses colours that seem timeless. We hope you will enjoy the tie bars as much as we do. 

Howard and Matthew both grew up in Toronto Canada. A city that has a personal connection to the both of them so that it only made sense that a set of the pocket square line would be named after the famous streets of Toronto. Another city that played a major role in the life of our founder Howard is the city of Los Angeles. Howard's extended family resides there and he himself has spent many summer holidays there becoming really close to the city and the culture. The love that he has for this city extends way more than the basketball team, but the family and friends there. This is why the polka dot collection is named after the famous streets in LA. 

The names of each product means a lot to us, especially our founders. They love paying homage to the city, friends and family that made them who they are today. They wanted to be reminded how special each person and place has been to them in their lives. So in the words of the late Notorious B.I.G., "If you don't know, now you know." 

-Howard Matthews Co. 
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