Howard Matthews Co. S/S 2016 Lapel Pin Collection

Posted on July 26 2016

We have finally launched our S/S 2016 lapel pin collection and is pleased to give our fans some insight on what our approach was for this collection. 

Our concept this year can be summed up in one word, which is "sustainability". The idea of this is to give back what we (as humans) take so much out of Earth's natural beauty. With this in the forefront of our goal, we want to use flower materials that would fit this description. We came up with 2 sub-series in this year's collection. We launched a total of 6 new lapel pins. 3 in each sub-series. 

The first sub-series is made with recycled paper. The flowers are cut from recycled paper and shaped to form two variations of a rose. (One that is about to bloom and one that is half bloomed) and the third one is a Daisy made from white recycled paper. Since each of these is handmade, it is extremely time consuming and are limited to 25 pieces each. 

The second sub-series is made from natural flowers that are encased in clear resin to preserve the longevity of the flower. The flower and resin is casted onto a mould and then removed to be hand polished to have an shiny gloss finish on the surface. Like natural flowers, each one has it's own individual appearance and color, we do our best to try to select ones that are of highest quality and closeness in color. This process is also extremely time consuming and requires the skill of using power tools to polish the resin for a shiny finish. We are able to launch 30 pieces each in 3 colors of the flowers. 

These designs are like no other on the market today. Our design team has spent countless hours from concept to design to sample making and to the final product. We hope that all our loyal customers will get a chance to get one of these limited edition lapel pins from us. We hope you appreciate what we do and thank you all for the support so far in the past year. 

Yours Truly, 

Howard Matthews Co. Team

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