Our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection of Lapel Pins

Posted on August 18 2017

It is finally here. After months of design and production that we put so much effort on, we bring to you...our fans. Our lapel pins of the fall and winter 2017 collection. 

This collection is inspired by our previous collection last year using real flowers. Instead of casing them in a circular mould, we would coat each flower individually. This process would be three times longer and more time consuming. The flowers are extremely delicate and require great care when worn and when it is being stored. 

We have come up with 5 designs with only 15 pieces of each design. These one of a kind lapel pins are not only a fashion statement but a bold one in style. 

Note: Real flowers are used in making these lapel pins, therefore each lapel pin differs slightly to the next. Due to the delicate nature of these pins, there are no returns or exchanges. 
- Howard Matthews Co. 
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