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Lapel Pins

How We Make Them
A significant amount of time is spent on the creative aspect of designing our pins, whether this is on the flower design itself, choosing the right combination of color and finding the material to match the colors that we want is painstakingly long. 
We spend about 3 months in product development. At least 3 weeks in finding the right set of fabrics and color to see how we can formulate the shape of each flower. We then spend another week making sure the metal portion of the pins are in good quality. For the special color stems, we make sure that it is the precise to a 98% color accuracy rate. We then spend another 2 weeks in creating production files for each flower and design. 1 week to create the mock up of each flower and design and we review whether what we create on paper is of high quality as we produced. In the remaining weeks, we will be tweaking designs and making adjustments to colors or patterns and fabrics if the mock up turns out poorly unexpectedly until we have a product that is worthy of the Howard Matthews Co. name on it. 


Quality Control
Our team spends numerous hours making sure that each lapel pin is created with the highest craftsmanship. Since each one is hand made, there will be minor variations from one pin to the next but in general it will adhere to the highest standards at Howard Matthews Co. All our pins have our HM monogram on the back to ensure you are receiving a quality lapel pin. The pin all use a pin lock to make sure that it is not easy for small children to open them and that it keeps the pin looking sharp. 


 The Difference
You came to this page because you wanted to know what makes us so special. Most guys that have bought lapel pins before will continue to buy them because they know this single piece of item can really make a subtle difference in the appearance of a suit. Most of the lapel pins in the market have stated they are hand made in so and so country, but yet the same design can be seen from one company to the next. Another area where you notice a big craftsmanship quality is that you will start to see glue or adhesive stains on the lapel pin. High quality craftsmanship is able to seal and hide the appearance of the glue/adhesive. In short, when you have a quality lapel pin, you want to look for...

1. Design 

2. Choice in material

3. Craftsmanship of the overall pin

4. Pin lock

5. Our HM monogram on the back 

We hope that you truly enjoy these pins because we certainly enjoy creating them. As we create more designs in the future, just keep in mind that we make every detail count and that quality is what we strive to give you. 




Tie Clips
Design Inspiration 

Our tie clips are designed by our team of designers and management team. Our design inspirations is derived from our network of professional affiliations that are mostly client facing all the time. With this in mind, we focus on high quality finishing and subtle lines without attracting too much attention away from the tie itself. We choose a variation of colours that are trendy and combined with the right tie, it makes for the perfect accent. 

Mould Creation | Quality Control | Finishing

Since each tie clip is different, we create a unique mould to cast each metal tie clip. It is then sanded and polished (or coated) to give the desired finishing to our standards. 

Most quality control happens at the end of production almost ready for packaging, but our quality control happens right after the polishing or coating. Any defects here will be thrown away and re-cast again. Once the clips past quality inspection we send them for our Howard Matthews Seal of approval. Like our other products, we laser etch each item so that it adheres to our quality standards. 


Pocket Squares

Finding the right type of material
Our journey begins with our team heading to the fabric market in Hong Kong. The famous fabric market has over hundreds of thousands of different textiles and patterns to choose from. Pocket Squares (aka handkerchiefs) are mainly made with either silk or cotton. A lot of other companies in the fast fashion industry are using silk blends, polyster, nylon and linen as it is general cheaper. We ultimately choose 100% cotton as our material to use. We want it to be durable and reusable. 

Breakdown of Pocket Square (Handkerchief) Materials


Advantages: Many patterns, highly durable, easy to clean, easy to fold

Disadvantages: Does not have that shiny effect




Advantages: Many patterns, has the shiny effect

Disadvantages: Not durable, not easy to fold, not used as a functional piece




Advantages:Many patterns, resembles silk 

Disadvantages: Not used as a functional piece, does not withstand wear and tear, budget appearance




Advantages: Inexpensive

Disadvantages: Inexpensive looking, not durable at all, not used as a functional piece




Advantages: Inexpensive, light weight, array of patterns

Disadvantages: Not durable, not strong enough to use as functional piece especially during winter seasons. 

Folding or Rolling? 

Pocket Squares generally have two types of finishing for the edges. 

1. Folded 

2. Rolled

Both folded and rolled edges of a pocket square requires intricate craftsmanship. As of today, all of Howard Matthews Co. pocket squares are folded to create a lovely border of the pocket square to give a fuller appearance when tucked in your suit pocket. 




All Howard Matthews Co. pocket squares have our monogram stitched on the bottom corner. This can either be exposed a bit to show multi-color pattern or folded away in the jacket pocket for a cleaner look. It is all up to your preference on how to wear or fold your pocket square. 

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