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Espen H. Kristensen

I'm a Norwegian mathematics/informatics student and aspiring menswear influencer, daily combating the "t-shirt and jeans"-mob at the University of Oslo. I've always found taking time to dress up a brilliant way to lighten one's mood in the morning, and a great creative outlet. I'm in favor of the bold, and few things please me as much as putting together a loud and proud, head-to-toe color coordinated look. After about 6 years of hobby-based menswear posting I've now decided to make the move towards a more dedicated presence on IG. Very happy to have Howard Matthews as one of the first brands to get on board, feel free to follow me on my journey - Instagram is where it's at! 
Fun fact: the nick @bgosl is my life in 5 characters: BGO (Bergen, where I was born) + OSL (Oslo, where I now live) = BGOSL.


Mohammed Al Nazal

I always loved dressing up even was I was a little I loved all my bow ties and wore them all the time. 
Seen my father showing all support when it comes to manly manners and dress code, teaching me how to do different tie knots is till etched in my brain. 
It made me what I am now, a very passionate man about all fashion related, especially the formal side of it. 

Jonathan Kroll

Being an influencer in the field of men's  style is a noble pursuit that I have been living out to be more of for the past few years. It's not just about wearing stylish outfits or looking well put but it's about what the clothing you wear means that matters. Learning to take risks and try new styles has enabled me to develop in character and in who I am. Style for me is a reflection of one's self and the confidence I get from wearing a well fitted suit has allowed me to get more of what I want to achieve in life. And at the end of the day have fun! Don't take it too seriously but always remember the significance of what you wear, it speaks for who you are without having to say anything. I enjoy being an influencer in men's style because it is an opportunity for me to grow and develop as a person and to take risks in life. I can't think of a better way to enjoy life than with a little bit of adventure and laughter! 
Instagram: @johnnywhatagentleman


Edward Donato

Edward Donato is a student at the University of Waterloo. When he’s not studying he’s either taking photos of his outfits or drinking copious amounts of coffee. He believes that clothes are a medium that can be used to represent oneself to others which is why dressing well is important to him.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dapperdonats/
Blog: https://dapperdonats.wordpress.com/


Mitch Yasui

Mitch Yasui is a men's fashion and lifestyle blogger based out of Toronto, Ontario. He spends far too much of his money on clothes, but firmly believes that what you choose to wear is an expression of who you are. When he’s not styling his clothes, you can find Mitch out in the city, on the lookout for dogs to pet.


Adam Gonon 

Now living in New York City, I work on the marketing team at the corporate offices of a global hospitality company. While my personal style draws from the international cities I grew up in, both coastal towns and bustling metropolises, it centers around two ideas: timelessness and fit. My personal style displays an affinity for mixing textures and patterns as well. If you are looking for any style inspiration, follow me at my channels below:

Instagram: @adamgonon

Snapchat: @adamgonon


Stephen Lambert (DapperPreacher) 

My name is Stephen Lambert. I am from East Chicago, but currently live and work in Central Florida. I am a full time Father, Husband, and Educator. In my spare time I love to share and create classy outfits for the everyday guy. 
Instagram: @dapperpreacher
Twitter: @slambert_88
Snapchat: @sli_88


Mitch Semon (Meeeotch)

Truth be told. This started for me about two years ago. The original idea was for me to share with the world what I was wearing to work.  I work in banking and wear a suit five days a week.  I felt Instagram was a perfect media for me to share my creative side. 

Instagram: @meeeotch

 Matt Hartman

My name is Matt Hartman. I work for a large advertising company in the Information Technology department overseeing project management. I am husband and father to two young boys.  I work in downtown Chicago and enjoy fashion as a hobby. I have been fascinated by fashion industry the past year or so due to a workplace review that asked me to improve my attire. You can find me on the following social media platforms as I go along my journey to dress better: 

Instagram: @runnineverlong
Snapchat: @runnineverlong

Diego Leon

I think at this point it started about 7 years ago. I went through some changes in my life and I sought to reinvent myself. I started with my clothes. Clothes are the easiest thing you can change that will alter what people think of you. I didn’t really have a style back then, so I looked towards social media for what I liked. I knew I loved classic menswear, so I looked for bloggers and celebrities that filled those fashion needs. I used to be a teacher. At the school I taught at, students wore uniforms, so wearing suits wasn't out of place for me. As I continued dressing this way, my friends saw me as someone who can be trusted for fashion advice. I decided to get more serious with my recommendations and Dandy In The Bronx started as I left my career in teaching in 2014. Being from the Bronx, I wanted it to be the focus of the blog. I am inspired by my neighborhood and want to share with everyone. It makes an awesome backdrop when telling stories.   

The Amateur Professional

The Amateur Professional is a Pennsylvania lawyer who woke up one day and decided to quit wearing boring clothing. Over time he developed a style that is best described as upscale business casual. Wearing anything from boots to wingtips, jeans to dress pants, he is seldom without a blazer, tie and pocket square. While his identity is shrouded in mystery (some say he is Bruce Wayne), one thing is clear: the man can dress.
Instagram: @theamateurprofessional
Snapchat: theamateurpro

Jean Cozier

Lover of Fashion, Style, and Art, Jean Cozier is a true believer of everything and anything being possible. Jean uses fashion to inspire his everyday life and to inspire those closest to him, so they too will pursue and accomplish their individual goals and dreams. Born of Haitian Descent, Jean has seen the difficulties and struggles his parents have had to overcome to give their children the childhood they deserved, while still pursuing their “American Dream.” This experience has equipped Jean with the knowledge and work ethic needed to become the Menswear Influencer that everyone can relate to and count on. Jean’s goal is to motivate and inspire all to become what they are destined to be, and with the YouTube Channel Style Chronicles, Jean intends to help brands grow their name, educate everyone on style and fashion, and show the importance of taking the necessary risks to accomplish a DREAM!


Instagram: @theplainvillegent and @mensstylechronicles
Twitter: @PlainvilleGent
Facebook: Jean D. Cozier


 Tyler Harrison

Tom Ford said it best when he said that "dressing well is a form of good manners" and Tyler Harrison was raised to have good manners. Now, as a menswear and travel blogger, Tyler demonstrates his passion for fine fabrics, exploring the world and indulging in the local cuisine. He was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and stayed to pursue his education. As a blogger and brand ambassador he experiments with classic and functional fashion, influenced by the latest European styles. He believes that first impressions are the key to success and that they start with how you present yourself.

Site: photourbane.wordpress.com
Instagram: @photourbane


 Jonathan Cavaliere

Jonathan Cavaliere lives in Toronto, Canada and is a menswear enthusiast in every sense of the term. From studying Fashion Business, to founding a prominent menswear blog, and winning countless awards including the title of Canada’s Sharpest Man, Jonathan has developed a name for himself with his unique voice and great sense of style. Some notable past clients include Lacoste, Puma, Levis, Express, Mr. Porter and many more.

Blog: http://mrcavaliere.com/ 
Instagram: @MrCavaliere 
Facebook: Mr. Cavaliere 
Twitter: @MrCavaliere



Located in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, three fashion enthusiasts, Kamran Razmdjoo, Maxim Babooie and Samira Radmehr, have created a personalized and custom styling company to provide exclusive, high-end, and immersive experiences that will strengthen any man's fashion and lifestyle credentials. KMSTYL's appreciation for fine details enables them to create a classic look while accommodating their client's vision.

Blog and Site: www.kmstyl.com 
Instagram: kmstyl 
Twitter: kmstyl_


Ryan Fisico

Ryan Fisico is a menswear and lifestyle blogger with experience in social media and brand ambassadorship. Ryan is based in Baltimore, Maryland where he is completing a bachelor's degree at Johns Hopkins University. He loves to travel, which is reflected in his blog. He was born and raised in Guam, but has also lived in California, Italy, and Germany. As a stylist, he specializes in modern and professional menswear, with an inspiration from European fashion. His motto is, “Your image is your brand.” He believes that what you wear is how people perceive you.

Site: www.letsgetfisi.co 
Instagram: letsgetfisico_ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/letsgetfisico 
Twitter: letsgetfisico_ 
Tumblr: http://letsgetfisi-co.tumblr.com/


Chimed Altandush

Chimed Altandush is a menswear influencer based in Washington D.C that strives to bring stylish wardrobe inspiration to men all around the world. My blog originally started as a Tumblr blog which I started to share my style on and after numerous suggestion to start my own stand alone blog, I have launched NxStyle with my partner in crime Zolo in 2014. We have worked with many domestic as well as international brands such as Johnston & Murphy, Dockers, American Eagle Outfitters, Bonobos, and many more. My main style is keeping it stylish without overdoing it, and I love minimalism so I try to incorporate that into my outfits as much as I can.

Site: www.nxstyle.me 
Instagram: @itschimed 
Tumblr: www.nxstyle.tumblr.com 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nxstyleme


Cory Luckett

Cory Luckett is a Maryland/Washington DC business man, who is inspired by men's fashion and style. He enjoys dressing well, either for business or a casual time out with family and friends; He likes to have fun, and look good doing it! He wears thing that he likes, sometimes taking fashion risks, and always enjoying colors. With fashion, he aims to inspire other people and their daily style. New combinations, and variations of clothes every man can wear, but always paying attention to the details. He loves giving recommendations and advice. He helps pick out an outfit for any occasion, and offering advice choosing one piece over another. He also loves being fashionable in all aspects of life. That means taking care of your body, as well as your outfits. Love family, love yourself, and love the way you look; confident but always humble!

Site: www.thefashionableman.com 
Instagram: @the_fashionable_man


Horace Qiu

Horace Qiu is a style consultant that helps men feel their best by making them look their best. He selectively styles you based on clothing pieces and fashion choices you love or is interested in venturing off to. Horace Qiu's true speciality will have to be the fact that he can take any body shape or size and tailor an outfit that compliments your unique figure perfectly. He truly believes fit is the most important thing when it comes to dressing better. You're able to still be yourself by wearing clothes you love but he helps you pair them together effortlessly.

Facebook: facebook.com/HoraceQiu   
Instagram: @horaceqiu
LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/HoraceQiu 
Twitter: @horaceqiu




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