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Posted on June 25 2015

It has been several months since we started posting items on Instagram and Facebook and we do this to give our customer and fans an inside look to what we do and not just with the products but the lifestyle behind our team, the work we put into each product and the story we want all of you to be part of. 

We currently are on 4 social media platforms. These are...

- Instagram

- Twitter

- Facebook

- Pinterest

We normally link our Instagram feeds with Twitter and Facebook so that you can see the latest photos, lifestyle picture or project we are working on. It also acts as a sneak peak to anything new that we might be launching  as well. 

As for Pinterest, we have slowly put together boards that cater to any gentleman that is looking for fashion tips, the latest and hottest trends, our top selection in mens fashion and of course a style guide and "How to" list for guys that want more information on how to be more dapper. 

We put forth the extra effort in our social media not for sales, but for our fans and customers. We want to go on this amazing journey with you and at the same time, help as many guys out there to look their best at all times. We hope you will follow us and see our efforts on our social media. 

PS. Please do not forget to sign up on our mailing list as well. 

Thank you, 

Howard Matthews Co. 

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