You Want to Buy That Lapel Pin But Don't Know How To Wear It...

Posted on August 04 2015

This was written by Chimed Altandush, the full blog and pictures can be viewed at 

"Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far! As you guys know by now that I'm not a big fan of accessories especially when people overdo them, but there are few essentials that every modern gentlemen must be aware of in order to look appropriate. One of which is lapel pin; Personally, it is one of my favorite accessories because when applied appropriately it can beautifully compliment the outfit by adding that finishing touch. 

There are number of ways I apply my lapel to my outfit, but there is a single rule I always follow which is that lapel color/pattern should go along with your overall outfit not an odd out of the blue button sitting there on your chest. I love to wear lapel pin on a business casual occasions like blazer but no tie just like the example here:
Also, I personally prefer to not wear any pocket square if I wear lapel pin on my suit & tie outfits, simply because its just too much. However, there are instances where you can ignore this rule if the size of the lapel is small where it serves as the bridge between your tie and a pocket square rather than a mountain in between or if your lapel matches with your pocket square.
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