The Gentlemen's Expo (Toronto)

Posted on November 17 2016

Back in Nov 2016 was our first trade show event. Toronto is always our home and thats why we decided to exhibit at this show very early in the year. 

The show was over Remembrance Day which caused the initial day to be extremely slow but the weekend would eventually pick up and we are thankful for everyone that stopped by our booth. A very special thank you to those that bought items and supported us in slowly building our company. 

The biggest thing that we realized from being at this show is that we offer much higher quality products and more unique designs than our competition there. We had people coming back providing this feedback and saying "We are back because your stuff looks a lot better than the other guys". This was the most comforting thing to hear the whole weekend knowing that we are providing quality and one of kind products to our fans. 

Once again, thank you to everyone that stopped in our home town of Toronto. 

Howard Matthews Co. 
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